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It is often said that the characteristic of this era is anxiety. It's no exaggeration for me, the post-80s generation. What I am anxious about is indeed our "disease of the times". What is more accurate is the "disease of the times" given to me by the times. Around us, there are people who are anxious all the time. Anxiety is good or bad, I seem to find the answer in this "Anxiety Psychology".

Psychologists pointed out that anxiety refers to a kind of anxiety and anxiety. When encountering some challenging activities, anxiety can stimulate our physical function and improve our intelligence level, improve the reaction speed of our brain, and help us solve problems. Therefore, to some extent, the existence of anxiety is of positive significance. But most of the time we are dominated by anxiety. The game between the rapid expansion of desire and the lack of action power destroys the remaining will all the time. The decaying thoughts can't stand the repeated wandering of anxiety.

The times are not sick. The progress of the times makes us sick.

In this era of uncertainty, excessive worry about the future is also a major source of anxiety. Calm down and ask yourself, are you so worried that things will get better? Learn to let go of yourself and find a good direction to assemble and send again.
9B3B35F4410DE3F939198547FA10F619.jpgWhen we focus on worrying about the future, we will become more and more anxious. Young US, thin talent always can't hold up gorgeous dream. When the pressure is too big, we should know how to give ourselves some positive psychological hints at the right time. When encountering setbacks, we should not blame ourselves excessively, so as not to be dominated by the tangled and anxious emotions. When we feel tired, then go to rest, don't force yourself too hard, to know how to let the body and his heart shake hands and make peace. Rousseau said: in addition to the physical pain and conscience of the blame, all pain is imagined. The best way to overcome anxiety is to take action. If you are busy with real action, anxiety will disappear naturally. In psychology, this way to overcome anxiety is called "work therapy". The principle of this kind of psychotherapy is to eliminate the psychological distress of anxious people through work activities.

Put down the anxiety, we should swing the tide of the times, go where you want to go.

Li Sha's "Anxiety Psychology" points out various kinds of anxiety scenes that we may encounter in our daily life, such as survival anxiety, social anxiety and workplace anxiety. Although their forms of expression are different, but the harm is similar, it at least makes us question our self-worth, and then there is an irreconcilable contradiction between the individual and the collective, the present and the past. What is anxiety? The author vividly tells the readers that anxiety is the ant that hollows out the dam of happiness. Because we can't choose the living environment, under the fast-paced coercion, we don't believe in ourselves more and more. We always feel powerless compared with others. Maybe the rising channel is blocked, maybe the salary and welfare are ruined, maybe the children are naughty and unruly, maybe the spouse is emotionally unfaithful. If we can't deal with anxiety scientifically, we will gradually become the walking dead, unable to adapt to survive in the crowd. Lisa's psychology of anxiety states that to overcome anxiety, the first thing is to find the root of anxiety. Only in this way can we find the right medicine. The second thing is to evaluate the correlation between crisis and yourself. The so-called crisis is organic in crisis, and the good and the bad depend on each other. We should learn to treat anxiety dialectically and not blindly reject anxiety. In addition, we should keep an open mind, Instead of worrying about loss, it's better to cherish possession. It's more likely that what you're worried about won't happen. You should use your limited life for meaningful things instead of just thinking and scaring yourself. Li Sha's "Anxiety Psychology" points out that anxiety and anxiety disorder are not the same. The former is only a common human emotion, which is the function of self-protection mechanism. The latter is a kind of psychological disease, which needs psychological consultation and drug treatment. Distinguishing the two is helpful for us to focus on coping, and even like "anxiety". Lisa's psychology of anxiety emphasizes that anxiety is not terrible when we are rich in heart. If you compare anxiety to a spring, then your strength can just overcome the influence of anxiety and let you do whatever you want. In fact, everyone's life will appear unsatisfactory things, not anxiety is only related to you, since we all face this dilemma, then learn to stand in the perspective of others to see yourself, maybe many seemingly unsolved difficulties will be solved!
1D5451606D153A33AB26E50B1F7FC2B7.jpgThis book is different from the general "Anxiety Psychology". On this basis, it can be said that many practical suggestions have been added, which has a lot to do with the author's multi-disciplinary learning. It is of great help to overcome the anxiety in the workplace. It is a practical reference book that we strongly recommend to buy. After reading this book, I still have a lot of my own experience, listed as follows:

"Anxiety refers to a kind of anxiety and anxiety." We often feel anxious when we encounter setbacks and difficulties. Proper anxiety will help us get through the difficulties better, but excessive anxiety will only backfire. So what does anxiety come from? One is the uncertainty of social living environment. We should know that the meaning of life also comes from uncertainty. If everything is fixed, then the society will lack a lot of fun, so we should accept this reality and keep calm; The second is the conflict between the expanding desire and the lack of action“ People can swallow images. "When our abilities and goals are not in line with each other, it will also lead to inner anxiety, and eventually things will go against our wishes; Third, consumption ahead of time; Fourth, health problems.

It's true that consumption ahead of time can help us to be more motivated. However, if it is always so, it will make us become "house slaves" and "car slaves" under constant pressure, and make us become pseudo rich. It's bright on the surface, but not satisfied in spirit. And health problems are also an important cause of anxiety, so it is necessary to maintain physical and mental health. What's more, even if you worry about this and that day and night, things are still in front of you, and it still doesn't help. It's better to relax and finish it.


Nowadays, stress has become a cause of anxiety for many people. We have to learn how to adjust ourselves, take off the pressure, and forgive ourselves (not only for our mistakes, but also for our imperfections). Most of the time, I think Buddhism is a negative religion, but its positive significance can not be denied. Buddhism teaches people to put down the butcher's knife, which is not only the sword of slaughter, but also the sword of soul. It is very difficult to choose to put it down, but reducing the bending degree of the arm will make our pressure appear smaller, and will not completely crush us.

As for occupational anxiety, it needs to be learned whether it meets the requirements because it has not been employed. But this book is really suitable for us to learn, as a reference book to deal with anxiety. But the tool is still a tool, we need to use it subjectively to play a role, otherwise it will be invalid.

For most people, moderate psychological pressure can make people concentrate on the work at hand, but excessive psychological anxiety will affect the actual effect of work. As we all know, there is no perfect thing in the world, but in the anxiety group, the psychological gap caused by the inconsistency between the perfect psychology and the defect goal, and the psychological self pity and self punishment affect the normal behavior pattern, which, over time, leads to obstacles in interpersonal communication, work and life.


Especially with the progress of the times and the development of the Internet, the pace of people's life is significantly accelerated, the pressure of survival is significantly increased, and the causes of psychological anxiety are significantly increased, but the methods to solve the anxiety dilemma are not mastered by most people. The more profound theories of the academic school are studied, the more boring theories, obscure terms, and too professional methods make the ordinary people more confused after reading them. As a result, a profound psychological monograph may not be able to solve the psychological confusion of ordinary people. And the high fees of professional psychological counseling institutions in the market make most people shy away. Therefore, it has become an objective need to compile a popular psychological book which is easy to understand and self adjust.

As the creators of hill culture studio, Li Sha and Ouyang Jianshu are committed to the education and communication of Chinese traditional culture, and applied psychology research is one of the directions of expansion and extension. The Book Anxiety Psychology, CO authored by the two, conforms to the needs of the public, meets the needs of learning, and provides a good prescription for the unavoidable anxiety disorder of modern people. Starting from the social phenomenon of anxiety, this book focuses on survival anxiety, social anxiety, workplace anxiety, etc., deeply analyzes the causes of anxiety and the methods to solve it, so as to help readers recognize themselves and transform themselves. The works analyze the phenomenon objectively and truly, analyze the reasons professionally and uniquely, and provide the counseling method with strong practicality. I believe that friends who have this demand will have a different harvest after reading.